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About me

Hello! I’m Ana Swartz. Since my transplant, every day feels like a precious gift, a second chance to live fully and authentically. Through my music and mentoring, I strive to inspire others to embrace their unique rhythm and live by their own beat.

Join me on this transformative journey and discover the power of music and healing.

Ready or Not (1996)

Growing up in East Germany under a totalitarian regime, my life was dictated by discipline and obedience. Personal needs and feelings were secondary. The fall of the Berlin Wall created a vacuum of uncertainty.

At 14, my family moved to West Germany. That same year The Fugees sparked my love for Hip Hop. This music genre became my emotional outlet, allowing me to explore and express my feelings for the first time. However, the new environment, though seemingly freer, still imposed its own set of restrictive rules.

No College Dropout (2004)

Despite my passion for music and the arts, I chose to study business. Balancing motherhood and university was challenging, but I persevered, wanting to provide for my son. Kanye West’s lyrics resonated deeply with me: ‚She has no idea what she doin‘ in college/ Now, tell me that ain’t insecurr.‘ I knew pursuing an MBA was against my nature, but I felt it was necessary to ensure stability for my family.

The Healer Hip Hop (2010)
In 2010, I was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure at 28. Erykah Badu’s ‚The Healer‘ became a source of strength and acceptance. Her lyrics reminded me that there’s something within me—my inner child, my soul—that I hadn’t fully expressed or lived. Losing everything, from my kidneys to my job to my money, hurt my ego, but it was time to wake up. The music reminded me of that part of me that needed to be expressed.
Alles was ihr seht (2017)

By 2017, I had been on dialysis for two years. Despite the exhaustion and constant battle, I founded The Healer Hip Hop. The lyrics „I stand up four times, even if I fall three times / I find a way, then everything makes sense / What you see is not all that I am.“ encapsulate my journey of resilience and transformation. This project symbolizes my commitment to living authentically and inspiring others to do the same.

New Orange Moon (2024)
On May 24, 2024, I released my debut song and album, ‚New Orange Moon.‘ This album marks my journey of truly living by my own beat, prioritizing my emotional and physical needs, and fully expressing myself through music. ‚New Orange Moon‘ is a testament to my growth and an encouragement for others to embrace their own paths. As I sing in the title track, ‚In this new era, I found my release.
New Orange Moon Album

Mission and Vision

My mission is to empower and inspire people through music, mentoring, and personal growth. I believe music has the power to transform lives and help others find their unique rhythm. My vision is a world where everyone embraces second chances and lives each day with gratitude and joy.

I understand the responsibility of founding ‚The Healer Hip Hop‘ as a white woman from Europe. Growing up in Dresden, a hub for neo-Nazi activity in the early 90s, I saw firsthand the hatred towards foreigners. This experience fuels my advocacy for diversity and global justice.

Today, I use my voice not just for personal expression but for a greater purpose. Inspired by Erykah Badu’s lyrics I promote the core values of hip hop, which are rooted in resistance to colonialism. Through my platform, I aim to raise awareness about global injustices and work towards a more inclusive and fair world.

The Healer Cover Art by www.emek.net

It’s bigger than religion | Hip-hop It’s bigger than my people | Hip-hop It’s bigger than the government | This one is fa‘ Dilla, hip-hop

– Erykah Badu | The Healer



Be yourself. Your voice is important, and the world needs to hear it.


Use your creativity to be the change you want to see in this world.


Promote healing for yourself and others. Work towards a better and kinder world.

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