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Dive into my music, explore curated playlists, and listen to inspiring interviews.

Online courses and mentoring to help you discover your unique life or musical path.
Learn music production with hands-on guidance and expert tips.

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Explore my curated playlists and listen to inspiring interviews that highlight my journey and the stories of others who live by their own beat.

Find Your Rhythm

Join my online courses and dive into Healing Sounds. These meditations and lessons, including my Tunes & Tints coloring books paired with music, are designed to help you discover your own rhythm and live a balanced life.
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Create Your Own Music

Join me at the Tonstudio für Frauen, where we help women professionally record, produce, and publish their own music with GarageBand, available through self-paced learning, group sessions, and personalized 1:1 mentoring.

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